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The Complete Basic Electricity & Electronics Course

The Complete Basic Electricity & Electronics Course Free Download
The Complete Basic Electricity & Electronics Course Free Download

The Complete Basic Electricity & Electronics Course

Learn how Electricity, Electronic Components and Circuits work. Join over 4,100 happy students!

What Will I Learn?

The Complete Basic Electricity & Electronics Course

  • Understand the concept of electric Voltage and Current
  • Understand how the most important electronic components work
  • Analyze and design basic electronic circuit


  • Desire to learn how electronic components and circuits really work
  • No hardware, software or components are required
  • Basic arithmetic and physics



Knowledge of Electricity and Electronics is extremely valuable nowadays!

Electronic circuits are everywhere, from computers and smartphones, to home appliances and cars. Think of all the everyday objects that are becoming “smart”… in the future, most of the things that we own will contain some electronics. Jobs in electronics are in high demand and well paid in almost every country!


While most of the material and courses available online tend to be high-level and focused on applications (for instance, it shows students how to connect components on a breadboard to create a circuit), the goal of this course is to explain the fundamental concepts of Electricity and Electronics, to allow you to fully understand how circuits work. Every topic is addressed starting from the first principles of the underlying physics and fundamental laws, and only later the acquired knowledge is used to explain how to design more complex circuits for different applications.

  • Fundamental concepts of Electricity (Current, Energy, Voltage, Power)
  • Most important electronic components (Resistor, Capacitors, Diodes, etc)
  • The main laws governing currents and voltages in circuits (Ohm’s law, Kirchhoff’s laws, etc)
  • Interface with Microcontrollers (coming soon)


This is an introductory course about the theory of Electricity and Electronics, so no previous knowledge is required. To get the best out of the lessons, students should be comfortable with some basic arithmetic as I will often write and solve equations, in particular when analyzing simple circuits. Understanding a bit of physics can help too, but it is not required. Most importantly, no special hardware or software is required.

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